Photo présentation Angélique Bultelle


IRD délégation régionale Ile-de-France – iEES Paris, 32, av. Henri Varagnat, 93143 BONDY cedex

Tél Pro :+33 1 48 02 55 03


I am a technician specializing in the identification of the animals that make up the soil macrofauna, such as ants, termites and earthworms. Working with 3 teams from IEES-Paris, I am responsible for the technical molecular biology platform of Bondy as well as the macrofauna platform containing termite farms (ESEAE team) and earthworm farms (BioDIS team).

Research outlook

I am interested in the morphological and ecological traits of soil engineers.

Illustration du polymorphisme chez la fourmi
Polymorphism in a Tunisian Camponotus specie