Research engineer

Sorbonne Université – Faculté de Sciences – iEES Paris – Bât.56-66, 4e étage, 4 place Jussieu, 75252 Paris cedex 05

Tél Pro :+33 1 44 27 51 79

N° ORCID : 0000-0002-1410-6573


I have 38 years’ experience in the field of erosion and hydrodynamic studies influencing the ecosystem ecologies. I am an IRD engineering specialist for hydrophysical measurements and erosion parameters in the natural environment and cropped areas using rainfall and runoff simulators and stream flow studies.

  • Specialist of hydrophysical measures and erosion parameters (on-site and off-site effects) in natural environment (from 1 m2 scale to watershed).
  • Metrologist: technical innovation for the runoff simulator, apparatus for taking pictures in vertical position, traps for sediments in situ samples.
  • Soil crusts cartographer (maps used in ecology and hydrology).
  • Consulting soil sciences for natural disasters in Ecuador (El Niño and landslides).
  • Consulting soil sciences for hydrophysical measurements in Asia and Central America.

Advisor and lecturer for students (engineers, MSc and students PhD) and partners (workshop-training in Asia and Central America).

Research outlook

Methodology – hydrophysical measurements from 1m2 to 100ha. I developed many technical innovations such as runoff simulator, apparatus for taking pictures in the vertical position, and traps for in situ sediment samples.

Watershed studies – i) On-sites effects by hydro-sedimentary survey, characterization of carbon sequestration and macrofauna activities, hydrochory measurement, soil surface features description. ii) Off-sites effect with specific focus soil losses by runoff, the siltation, and the water quality of reservoirs.

  • SEAWEED (2018-2019): IRD Coordinator and researcher
  • COSTAUD (2017-2019): researcher and IRD correspondent
  • M-TROPICS – MSEC (1999-2019): Leader and researcher of this research programme in Thailand