The sols-ZC department, which the FEST team is a member, manages three analytical modules which bring together the equipment and know-how necessary for the physico-chemical characterization of tropical and temperate soils

A retractometry lab with two retractometer which define the parameters characterizing the structure and storage capacity of soil water.

A infrared lab composed with two spectrometer (near-infrared spectroscopy and mid infrared spectroscopy) allowing qualitative and quantitative analyzes of the organic and mineral composition of different type of materials.

A technical platform in soil physics which offers a diversity of hydrostructural analyzes and composed of equipment allowing to determine the water retention capacity of soil, to measure the hydraulic conductivity in a satured and unsatured environment (Hyprop and Ksat), to measure apparent and real densities and determine the particle size.

Hydraulic conductivity, KSAT et Hyprop (UMS)
Robinson ‘s pipette method for the granulometry in a IRD Guyana lab
Hanane (on the right) teaching the membrane press to students