Title : Innovative agro-ecological APProaches to achieving resilience to climate CHANGE in Mediterranean

Funded by ANR : program PRIMA

PI : Gianni Galaverna


The overall objective of the CHANGE-UP project is to re-design innovative farming systems for the Mediterranean area more resilient to climate change and able to face and overcome adverse and unpredictable events while ensuring food security and sustainable farmers’ income. We will investigate the capacity of crops to counteract climatic perturbations and to adapt to the changing conditions in the Mediterranean area to ensure production stability over time, as well as the nutritional quality of the agricultural products. In particular, technological strategies based on the integration of Evolutionary Populations of cereals (EPs – barley, common wheat, durum wheat, triticale) under crop rotation with a range of leguminous plants and of New Perennial Grains (NPGs, perennial wheat lines) will be elaborated in three mediterranean countries (Tunisia, Italy and Algeria).

The consortium consists of 6 partners from Italy (UNIPR, CREA), France (SORBONNU and CIRAD), Algeria (INRAA), Tunisia (INRAT) and Moroco (FPL-UAE). Through close stakeholder interactions during the whole project phase, the results will allow to ensure the efficacy of the new systems and for developing local, context-specific and adoptable solutions.